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Sophie Grace Meditations

Welcome to the official site for Sophie Grace Meditations. Our mediations draw inspiration from various "techniques" such as Mindfulness and guided imagery. Our goal is to help our listeners relax both physically and mentally, increase body awareness, reduce stress and develop their imagination skills.


All our meditations are available for streaming and mp3-download worldwide on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and most all other streaming services and digital music stores. We hope to be able to offer physical cd:s in the future. For now, sign up with Spotify and listen online for FREE. All you need is an e-mail adress or a Facebook-account.


Read more about our individual meditations in the Meditations section. There, as well as in our music store, you can also listen to clips and downlad mp3:s. If you already have a Spotify account, you can stream the meditations right there on the page.


Since our writer, producer and voice behind Sophie Grace Meditations is fluent in both English and Swedish, versions of the meditations are also available in Swedish under the artist name Sophie Grace Meditationer. People who reaad Swedish are welcome to visit our Swedish site by clicking the Swedish flag in the top right corner.


We love hearing from our listeners. If you enjoy our meditations and would like to come into contact with Sophie, please visit our Facebook page and send her a message.

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